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Protein 98 PLC - Shumen

is leading producer of nourishing combined fodders and protein bio-concentrated composites for all kinds of animals.

Since 1998, the company has been 100% privately owned, without state share. It is entered into the register of the approved producers of animals nutrition on the grounds of art. 19, para. 7 of the Law on fodders under unique Identification number ?BG 27 3 0048. Quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2000 standards and system, was officially adopted in 2005 upon certification of SGS with certificates HU 06/1773 and BG 06 / 408 .

Protein 98 PLC possesses license of public warehouse in a grain base in the town of Veliki Preslav with capacity of 5 000 tones, granary in a grain base in the town of Veliki Preslav 4000 tones, grain base Kaspichan 3 000 tones and grain base Smyadovo 6 000 tones and the grain base Feed factory in the town of Shumen for 10,000 tones. All of them passess railway as a property. In 2012 a new grain base was launched on the grounds of the Feed factory in the town of Shumen, having metal silos with a capacity of 15,000 tones.The company has three equipped quality control laboratories, in which analyses are performed under world-recognized methods and standards for grain crops, combined fodders, fodder raw materials and components.

Nourishing fodders of Protein 98 PLC shall provide for the animals:
- Excellent health;
- High productivity;
- High return rate of the expenses made;

Protein 98 PLC provides for its customers:
- Individual approach at developing of recipes for fodders and concentrates complying to the available raw materials and animals necessities.
- Free-of-charge advising on the issues about nourishing, preparation and preservation of the different kinds of grains and fodders.
- Warehouses for preservation of grain with materials supplied by the customer, granary and public warehouse.
- Complete personal servicing of the customers on the territory of the factory
- Wide variety of types of fodders and packs in the store network of the company.

Our engagement for increasing the safety when developing, producing and selling combined fodders and PBC is guaranteed by:
- Profound analyses of all potential hazards
- Providing the necessary hygienic conditions and preventive measures for control
- Strictly observation of the applicable for our production legal and normative requirements

Protein 98 PLC is open for cooperation and international collaboration with foreign companies on mutual basis in the following fields:
- Sale of nourishing combined fodders in bulk
- Sale of packed fodders and packages
- Production with materials supplied by the customer with all kinds of grain
- - Partnership in the filed of distribution in the country and abroad

Our vision for the future id connected with the development of new products, improving and modernizing of the technological processes and equipment, adapting of the whole production process to the requirements of the European Union.

Guarantee for achievement of stable development of the company in the future are the clearly outlined objectives, innovatory spirit of the company management, in combination with the experience accumulated and traditions possessed by the personnel.

Protein 98 PLC produces all kinds of subsidiary fodder-protein bio-concentrated composites depending on the grain fodders used by you and particularly your farm.Balanced composition of bio-concentrates guarantees excellent health condition of your chickens and layers; maximum productivity and solidity of the egg shell in the oviparous period, stimulates the growth of pigs and provides them good healthy condition.

Balanced combination of vitamins, macro- and microelements in the concentrates shall satisfy the needs of the milk cows, calves, sheep, lambs and etc., by guaranteeing good healthy condition of the animals, high productivity and excellent quality of the received productionBy the experts in the factory you may receive detailed information about the quality, recommendations for feeding and advices for the separate recipes, by types of animals.


- Mineral additions
- Milk-substitutes
- Soy goats
- Sunflower goats

It is pleasure for Protein 98 PLC to offer you wide range of nourishing combined fodders and PBC for feeding of different types and categories of animals in its store network all around the country.